Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan – Review

Genre: Thriller
Published: April 2021
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Pages: 415
My Rating: 🦋🦋🦋🦋/5

“And I want to remind us all to cherish this. These highs of motherhood that sustain us ; that buoy us up when we’re exhausted, or anxious, or it all feels like a bit if a struggle; these perfect, necessary moments.”

Sarah vaughan, little disasters

When Jess, a loving mother of three brings her baby into the A&E department, her good friend Liz is the doctor on call that evening. But what happens next, no one expects and Liz is forced to make a difficult decision that could have major implications for everyone involved.

Little Disasters is not only a medical thriller, but it covers the important topic of mental health. Especially in parents and mothers.

She’d forgotten she could feel so bone-achingly tired: this tiny baby, who wanted to be fed at one, three, and five, throughout the night, had drained her of all her energy.

You don’t have to have children to know that it can be extremely challenging at times. This book doesn’t sugarcoat parenthood. It shows you both the highs and very lows that a lot of parents may experience. We also get an idea of the ethical dilemmas doctors can face when it come to friends and family and how certain boundaries can be pushed.

I enjoyed that it was told from the different perspectives of not only Liz and Jess, but also some of the other characters as well which gave the story more of a well-rounded feeling.

With mental health being such an important topic in this book, it also gives you insight into the internal struggles that this with mental health illness face everyday which is hard enough, but add a new baby into the mix… you can only imagine how difficult this must be.

My heart went out to Jess in this book, everyone thinks she is this perfect mother, always calm, always knowing what to do, but no one realizes how much she is actually struggling. But Liz also has her own personal issues she has to deal with, including a very strained relationship with her own mother which we get a look at later in the story. I loved that they showed the different styles of parenting and parenting from the perspectives of different people as well. I will admit that there was a twist, but it didn’t completely shock me. However, I still really enjoyed the story. I felt that it was not completely a thriller for me and I agree that it can be categorized more as domestic fiction.

Although this book focuses a lot on parenting as well, you don’t need to be a parent to be able to connect with the characters and to be drawn into the story. I haven’t read any other books by Sarah Vaughan, but now I will definitely be checking them out!

Disclaimer: I was sent this free copy for review by Jonathan Ball Publishers. This does not influence my review or rating in any way. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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