I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney – Review

Genre: Thriller
Published: January 2021
Publisher: HQ
Pages: 340
My Rating: 🦋🦋🦋🦋/5

It’s never, ever a good idea to let strangers see the real you. So as long as never forget who you are, acting will save you.

Alice Feeney, I Know Who You Are

One day Aimee comes home and discovers that her husband is missing, his wallet, phone and keys are still on the table. Where could he have gone or did something happen to him? 

Aimee Sinclair is an actress, with a dark past and secrets she would like to remain buried.

She calls the police immediately, but then they start to suspect her. Aimee is hiding something, but it’s not what they think. Trying to remain calm as well as trying to keep her career afloat proves harder than imagined. Someone knows Aimee very well and they know exactly what she did, the truth will eventually come out.

This book was a Christmas gift from my husband and he clearly takes careful note of my reading choice because he hit the nail on the head with this one. If you are looking for one twisty thriller then look no further. This book was a wild ride!

We all have secrets.

Secrets from ourselves as well as from others.

Ok, so I am going to be upfront about this and say that the end was a bit far-fetched, but that being said I enjoyed every moment of the rollercoaster ride of a story. I flew through this book in no time. With twist after twist, you will struggle to put it one down too. If you love a good psychological thriller then I would highly recommend this one.

The chapters are nice and short which I am always a fan of because I have this weird thing about not putting a book down in the middle of the chapter. The chapters alternate between past and present which again is something I enjoy in a thriller. I was hanging on to each and every word, you know the saying ‘just one more chapter’ or just a few pages.’ This is what I kept telling myself, but then it never is just that.

I found myself feeling conflicted about the main character Aimee. Between feeling bad for her and not knowing whether you can actually trust what she is saying. She has such a poor self-image despite being an actress, and has so much self-doubt and at times can’t see her own value.

Her character resonated with me to a degree as I’m sure everyone feels that way at times, as if they may not be good enough, maybe it was just a handout, maybe someone is just trying to be nice. It can be tough to work through especially if you had a tough childhood, like Aimee. She is constantly having to be reassured by others that she is talented and deserves her roles even though she can’t see it herself.

I never could have guessed that ending in a million years, like I said.. a little far -fetched, but you should not let that discourage you from reading this book at all. I can’t wait to read more by this author.

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